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Publish Date: 15 December 2012 - 08:14

Today’s world is the world of media and the present age is the age of communication. The speed of communication is so high around the world as if the world is a small village. Therefore, the dominion system has gained control of global media mainlines and seeks to set the public opinion in favor of its assuming and greedy interests and to extend its fragile dominance in the world.

A group of experts, elites and researchers in the sphere of international issues in western Asia have decided to break the monopoly by forming an independent medium, devoid of dominion system, in order to illuminate the truth and give a better understanding of international events; the truth, which indicates the collapse of capitalist systems and growth and excellence of the poor all over the world.

LHVnews, the acronym for Lighthouse Viewer, takes advantage of divine doctrines and analytic methods based upon Islam to inform the people all over the world of the best and most recent analyses as a trustworthy viewer and to shine the lights of truth among the rough waves of falsification by dominant media.

The website is available in four languages, Persian, English, Arabic and Spanish. There will be more languages early in the future for a larger group of users. We hope that experts and people of expansive and liberal nations will benefit from the website. We would appreciate any comments, criticism or suggestions.

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