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Publish Date: 27 July 2015 - 10:51
Imed Eddin Hamrouni, an political scientist expert said US role in creating ISIS is undeniable

LHVNEWS has conducted an interview with Imed Eddin Hamrouni, political scientist expert ,to discuss ISIS and its motive to extending terrorist attacks worldwide.

LHVnews: What is the main motive of ISIS behind extending terrorist attacks worldwide?

Hamrouni:The main reason for ISIS behind committing terrorist attacks in the world is to extend its propaganda and to recruit new followers since ISIS is a state project that needs financial means and human resources.

LHVnews: How did ISIS come into existence?

Hamrouni: ISIS project is a real political project that brings together three entities namely:

the Muslim Brotherhood


former Iraqi Baathists

The failure of Salafists in Afghanistan, Algeria,Sudan and finally Egypt as well as the collapse of Saddam Hossien regime gave rise to the idea of the first establishment of an Islamic state in Iraq. The US leading role in logistical assistance especially training terrorists in Jordan and Turkey as well as military intelligence is undeniable.

The great victory of the Lebanese resistance in 2006 and also the Palestinian resistance in 2008/2009 against the Israelis have endangered the Interests of Zionist Americans so

the decision is made to put the chaos in the region, an opportunity for ISIS to emerge.

LHVnews: Do you think U.S policies can help to eradicate extremism from Iraq?

Hamrouni: Not at all. US wants the region more chaotic. more chaotic, more serving the US interests .The only concern for Americans is how to guarantee the security of the Zionist entity in Palestine and to maintain their allies in the Persian Gulf,that is to say, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

LHVnews: From your point of view, which strategies and measures can be applied to defeat ISIS?

Hamrouni: strategies and measures to eradicate ISIS are essentially political, cultural, military and economic.

It is necessary that the forces of the resistance in the region particularly in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen and Lebanon offer a real unified political project, Muslim leaders in the region must think strategically, not tactically. they have to establish a true communication strategy. The strong links with communities dominated by ISIS are needed. strengthen economic exchanges between the countries that resist against ISIS should be a top priority. A media strategy is also a must to clarify the true concept of Islam and the rising danger of Salafi terrorism and idealogy for European and American addressees. Economically and financially assisting the countries of north Africa can stop African youth joining ISIS.

LHVnews: In what ways international community can contribute to defeat ISIS?

Hamrouni: The international community is too soft today to face the ISIS savagery. we have to make the world fully aware of ISIS as a global threat.


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