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Publish Date: 30 August 2015 - 09:17
A teenager in the US state of Virginia has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for providing material support to the Daesh Takfiri group and helping another teen travel to Syria to join the terrorists.

Ali Shukri Amin, 17, from the town of Manassas, was sentenced Friday to 11 years and four months in federal prison by US District Judge Claude M. Hilton at the federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

The teen will also be subject to a lifetime of supervised release and monitoring of his online activities.

"Ali Shukri Amin is a young American who used social media to provide material support to ISIL (Daesh)," assistant Attorney General John Carlin said.

"More and more, their propaganda is seeping into our communities and reaching those who are most vulnerable,” Carlin said.

Amin pleaded guilty in June to plotting to provide material support to the Daesh terrorists.

He also admitted that he had helped another Virginia teenager travel to Syria and had used social media to obtain donations and support for the Daesh.

Daesh terrorists have been widely using the internet and various social media networks to spread propaganda and recruit Westerners.

FBI director James Comey told lawmakers in Congress last month that about 200 Americans had traveled or attempted to travel to Syria to join the ISIL.

Daesh is notorious for its barbarity, heinous atrocities, and sacrilegious acts and the militants have committed gross human rights violations and war crimes in areas they control, particularly in Syria and Iraq.

Terrorists operating in Syria have long enjoyed the support of certain regional countries, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


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