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Publish Date: 24 September 2015 - 10:20
Imed Eddin Hamrouni, an political scientist expert said US role in creating ISIS is undeniable said that Eu public opinion must convince to accept refugees.
LHVNEWS has conducted an interview with Imed Eddin Hamrouni, political scientist expert ,to discuss current EU refugee crisis.

What is the root of current EU refugee crisis?

Hamrouni:  It is direct consequence of bad occidental intervention in Syria, according to me the recently crisis for refuge in Europe.
 it is humanitarian, It is humanitarian affair and in the same Time have a political sign.

LHVnews: In your point of view how EU can tackle this problem?

Hamrouni: In my opinion in emergency to find immediately a social structure to receive all the refuge in Eu, Convince the Eu public opinion to accept and receive a Such numbers of refugee in Eu community.

LHVnews: As we can see EU countries take different measure about refugee crisis, please tell us the Reasons behind that?

Hamrouni: The main reason of Such Eu countries is to make a political pression for the syrian Goverment and prepare a direct négociation with Bachar Al Assad.

 LHVnews: In your point of view how international community can solve this problem in right way?

Hamrouni: The only solution is to stop war in syria immédiately and fight the international terrorism as a priority.
Finally find in emergency a political solution to syrian crisis

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