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Publish Date: 24 September 2015 - 16:53
LHVnews: The alliance among several countries, including the United States, against the Takfiri terrorists of Daesh is not considered a real coalition, says a former US Congressional staffer.

"There is no true coalition,” Rodney Martin told Press TV in a Wednesday interview in reaction to remarks by US Secretary of State John Kerry, who said earlier in the day that Russia’s support for the Syrian government could lead to "a confrontation” with the coalition forces.

Consisting the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, among other states, the so-called coalition has been engaged in airstrikes allegedly against the Takfiris in Iraq and Syria since last year but to no avail.

"They’re all pursuing separate agendas,” Martin said.

Turkey seeks filling the geo-political vacuum and "grab a part of Syria,” while continuing attempts to crack down on Kurds in the region, he argued.

"They (Turks) are only in it to pursue their own interest; they’re not part of a true coalition.”

The United States, on the other hand, aims to assure the security of "the Zionist hegemony” along with a supply of the resources there, including oil and gas.

Saudis are "playing in both sides.”

"They fund, arm, and equip… the ISIL, which is the bogeyman created to whip up hysteria in the Western nations… and destabilize nations into collapse such as Syria and Iraq.”

Earlier in the day, Kerry warned Moscow over stepping up aid to Damascus in its fight against Daesh.

"These actions could provoke a further escalation of the conflict and lead to the loss of more innocent lives, increasing the flow of refugees and risking a confrontation with the anti-ISIS coalition operating in Syria," Kerry said.

Fighting against Damascus and Baghdad in an attempt to create a so-called caliphate in the region, the Daesh terrorists have committed grotesque war crimes against the people and heritage of the neighboring Muslim states.

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