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Publish Date: 18 October 2015 - 10:16
David Cameron:
LHVnews: David Cameron in an interview said that UK and China relation has entered a "golden era"
British Prime Minister David Cameron has told CCTV he welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to UK, adding the relationship between the two countries has entered a "golden era". He stresses that President Xi's visit is the best opportunity to deepen China-UK relations.

Q1: Prime Minister, Thank you very much for accept CCTV's interview. Chinese President Xi Jinping will have a state visit to UK since October 19th, What's your expectation on his state visit?

A1: I think it's going to be a very important moment for British Chinese relations which on a very good state something of a "golden era" in our relationship. Trade is growing, investment is growing, the people to people contact is increasing .....but also talk about how Britain and China can work together on some of the global issues, like climate changes, tackling poverty, making the world institutions like UN are working for the benefits of the world... and I am delighted President Xi is going to spend so much time in United Kingdom."

Q2: Since you became the Prime Minister, you have encouraged many Chinese companies to invest in the UK. Now Britain has become one of the most popular destinations for Chinese companies. After several years, what kind of changes do you think Chinese investment has brought to the UK society and economy?

A2: I think the change is a benefit to both our countries, because Britain is one of most open economies in the world, we encourage overseas investment, and China is invest more in Britain than other European countries. And the change we will see is ....But think it's also big win for China as well, having access to a country that is a leading member of EU, and have so many contacts and roles in the world. ....coming to invest here.

Q3: China is undergoing economic transition, how do you look at Chinese economic prospect? Do you think British business could still benefit from China's economic growth?

A3: What we have seen in the last ten years ...China's economy as one of the drivers of world growth, and I think that will continue. China's growth has been remarkable, ... I think the growth will continue. I think it will continue a situation that benefits both countries. I think that will continue.

Critics said that Chancellor George Osborne’s plans to allow China to help design and build two nuclear power plants in the UK poses a threat to national security.

Osborne hopes to finalize the multibillion-pound deals next week during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Britain. If agreed, Chinese state-owned companies could design and build a reactor using their own technology at Bradwell on the Essex coast.

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