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Publish Date: 19 October 2015 - 11:42
Caroline Tipler, political activist said that A powerful movement born with Jeremy Corbyn to change UK policy.

LHVNEWS has conducted an interview with Caroline Tipler, political activist and manger of Corbyn page in Facebook,to discuss Jeremy Corbyn  and his policy.

 LHV: at first  tell us about  Jeremy Corbyn ? i mean about his background and in general who is  Corbyn and what he wants?

Caroline Tipler: When you ask who is someone it is usually assumed that we are talking about his or her career, the level of power, and whether they are part of the government administration,  whether or not they are wealthy or famous.  This is because our way of valuing people is first based around these factors. Then comes their level of education and their perceived level of intelligence.
This gives our minds a way to classify the person in relation to the paradigm within which we and they operate: society.  Most people assume that their society`s structure and value system is a result of an objective reality. Easy to do because they have lived as part of it since birth (normally).
Of course, there is no objective reality to it. Yes it is real, the structures are real - but they are man made from an adopted belief system - and they can and are changed.
So, who is Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn is one of those rare individuals that can, as they say, not only see `outside the box` but also operatesand lives their lives being consciously aware of a larger reality.
He was born to, what would be called, a middle class family. His Mother was a teacher and his father an electrical engineer. He was both privately educated and also attended grammar school (a school that selects the brightest pupils).

Jeremy Corbyn is a human being that embodies what we all deep down crave to be able to express. We crave, in a postive way, we yearn to feel connected, to make a difference to others. We yearn to grow (evolve) yes, but that is beautifully tempered by wanting to express what some might call spirit, some soul, some higher self.
But because we are aught that the monetary based system is a reflection of our nature,we feel trapped, often depressed, and not understood.
The `law of the jungle`, the `fittest` wins - that is what we are taught over and over again. Those of us who don`t accept this are therefore left feeling that we do not belong. That something is very wrong with the world. And we are right. Jeremy Corbyn SHOULD, if he followed the normal expectations, would be part of the mass  of society that buys the belief that people are not inately good.

LHV: do you think Mr Corbyn can change this? and why?
Caroline Tipler:  He HAS changed it. The reason such a powerful movement has been born is because Jeremy Corbyn operates from his core integrity, his spirit/soul/higher self. People recognise that.  The majority of people couldn`t actually name it as that - but they do recognise it. Their inner core being recognises it. The Truth the integrity, the lack of fear. There is an intuit trust of the man. He doesn`t come across to people as a Politician. And so he has had people turn and take notice. People across every spectrum of life. All know he is operating from a completely different way of manifesting.
He is not interested in his career. He values something much higher. He is not interested in politics in the accepted meaning of the word. No, he is interested in politics and social systems inasmuch as they serve humanity.
He needs the strength of the movement to stay with him. He is a man whose time has come. The movement isn`t made up of people following some pied piper - no it is made up of people who recognise he speaks and voices what they feel and know deep within: like a united spirit.
They don`t hang on his every word. They don`t need to. He has awoken the giant with many. And once a person has that validated, and confirmed day in day out in the most difficult of circumstances, under the hardest of pressue (as Jeremy Corbyn) does, then it strngthens their persona resolve too.

LHV: in you point of view why conservative party oppose Corbyn and said he is a threat to national security?
Caroline Tipler:  It is because they too recognise his power and are frightened. Their whole belief system is based on the neo- liberal economic model, and austerity is their way of furthering that. As is TTIP and the privatisation of the NHS.
Historically governments have used the call to arms to unite people against anything that threatens their purpose. Appealing to people's fears, and sense of group identity has been a sure fire winner to achieve compliance.  This is not unique to the U.K., it is a device used across the world: the leaders use it to control their citizens more than it being an actual threat now.
The tory party are however, or should i say HAVE been very good at it. Schooled by the U.S.A.  It all started a general back with Freuds nephew using psychology to train business how to manipulate the public with advertising.
Also on a very basic simple level - they want trident because the USA `relationsip` underpins the philosophy they have (if you can call it a philosophy). Trident  allows them to posture on the world stage. It is also a great money maker for the arms dealers of course.

LHV: do you think what problem may Mr corbyn face in implementing of their idea?
Caroline Tipler:  In a word: Resistance.  The resistance will come from people who belief the old paradigm and so genuinely feel frightened (and that JC is not capable), but more importantly from those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo - nay embedding it even more: so, that is corporations, career politicans from across the spectrum - all helped, of course, by the MSM.
However, he, we, know this. And he and we are playing the long game. In every adversity, within every problem, is an opportunity.  The opportunity in this movement will always be structured around using Truth in a focused laser like way.  Truth has it`s own power. People intuitively recognise Truth - despite their wish to deny it, it creates a cognitive dissonance that confuses them.

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