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Publish Date: 29 October 2015 - 01:50
LHV special interview
LHVnews: LHV special interview with Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, the American political consultant on the edge of 3rd New Horizon Conference in Tehran.

LHV Correspondent: How do you evaluate the situation of Human Rights in the United States?

Wilmer J. Leon: The situation of Human Rights in the United States is incredibly challenging particularly for African-American, as it has always been since we arrived on the shores enslaved in 1690. We as first Africans on America and now African-Americans have always not been struggling for human rights we had been struggling to be recognized as human beings. And I think one of the main reasons why a police officer in US can even think to shoot an unarmed African-American citizen dead in street like a dog is because he does not view that person as human. And so what I think we first have to get to is an understanding that we are struggling to be recognized as human beings in once we understand that, then we can develop an agenda we can develop tactics in which to correct that perception.

LHV Correspondent: Why the blacks or the African-Americans mostly are victims of such violations in United States?

Wilmer J. Leon: I think it again it stems from how and why we were brought to the country in the first place and in order to justify slavery, the so-called Christians who enslaved us and brought us to shores to the America had to create this artificial construct of race, because when you divide people into categories you are then able to develop a hierarchical structure that put some people above others. For example in India you have a "Kasterstone” but even they are untouchables, in India are still considered human beings. African slaves were considered property they were considered on the same level as cows, pigs and horses. And so when you are even not considered to be human then the problems that we see today are a direct result from that minds from that sickness which has become racism in America.

LHV Correspondent: What’s your prediction about US 2016 election?

Wilmer J. Leon: Well it’s interesting because I heard former congressman from Virginia Eric Canter say today on BBC, he called the Republican process right now the season of silliness. So once we get passed the season of silliness we were dealing with Donald trump versus Doctor Ben Carson. You know Clown why I want to call him Clowns because I want to in so clowns. In get to really some substantive issue debate then we will figure out who within the Republican Party is going to be the challenger to I think will be the democratic nominee and this is not an endorsement, this is just looking at the landscape who I believe is going to be the democratic nominee I think that would be former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. If the process continues along the road that is going, I think in 2016 you are looking at President Hillary Clinton.

LHV Correspondent: The last question is about Gun law in US, what do think about that? It should be changed in your opinion or not?

Wilmer J. Leon: The first thing that has to be clearly understood and in spite of what the rifle association says and despite of what Eric canter says, the second amendment in the US constitution does not guarantee an individual’s right to carry a fire arm. Anyone who says otherwise does not understand English punctuation, does not understand English grammar, does not understand English sentence structure, and does not understand the difference between a dependent and an independent clause. In fact the US Supreme Court there is years of case law up until I believe it was 1965 or 1966 with the Supreme Court said very clearly that the second amendment does not guarantee an individual’s right who carry a fire arm. It was only once the national rifle association and the organizations that they support in their lobbyist put money behind this issue and the gun manufactures put money behind this issue that you started to see the shift in the American mind. In fact when you look at the beginnings of the national rifle association, the national rifle association was not promoting an individual’s right to carry a fire arm. They were a gun safety organization; it is only been with the influx of money from the NRA and from the gun lobby that you have started to see the shift in the American mind set. And I don’t care how much money the NRA and gun manufactures put into this argument. You can’t change a semicolon to a comma; you can’t change a comma to a semicolon, and you can’t change a dependent clause to an independent clause. That fundamental English grammar and I challenge anybody to tell me I’m wrong.

LHV Correspondent: Thank you very much.


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