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Publish Date: 30 October 2015 - 20:22
LHV special interview
LHVnews: LHV special interview with Professor Michael Jones, the Romanian college prof, media analyst and the Culture wars' editor, on the edge of 3rd New Horizon Conference in Tehran.

LHV correspondent: How do you evaluate the situation of Human rights in the United States?

Michael Jones: Human rights are an excuse that allows the minority to impose its will on the majority. It is now used as justification for promoting homosexuality; it is used as justification for promoting abortions, no one has a right to these things. You can’t have a right to do something that is wrong. So it’s basically as I said a way that the minority overturns majority well.

LHV correspondent: Can you explain us why black’s people are the victims of such crimes that are related to human rights in the United States?

Michael Jones: In my speech I want to give you about the history of the black Jewish alliance in America. So for 60 years the Jews try to turn the blacks into revolutionary. That makes they kept pushing in a mean to the revolutionary struggle. Once were on to the other. This ended in late 60s with the most famous example was the "Black Panther Party” was funded by Jews. It was a revolutionary fantasy and in the place communicating all. We have the same situation now in Ferguson. George Soros is funding these operations because he wants a slavery barrier, he wants people black people and white people fighting each other, because this distracts everyone’s attention from the billionaires and how they make money.

LHV correspondent: As a prediction what do you think about the final round of US 2016 election? Who will be the winner? Does Democrats have upper hand or Republicans?

Michael Jones: well if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination she is going have to explain what she did in Libya. You know they started already. What she did in Libya is indefensible. It was a criminal activity. So she want be up to defend it. Now the only way the republican can lose is they if they choose standard republican politicians. If they choose Jeb Bush they will lose even to Hillary Clinton. So the question is: Are they going to allow Trump to have the nomination or to their have his deaths wish that where they want to stick to safe political people, so I don’t know with that point. But if the comes that true Hillary vs Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton will win and if comes Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, Donald Trump will win.

LHV correspondent: What do you think about Gun laws in United States? It took so many victims so, should it changed or not?

Michael Jones: It doesn’t matter whether using it should change; it’s never going to change. It will never change. Cultures have certain personalities here they are certain fix points and owning gun is just part of Americans life. It is just something that will never change. And now what you do every times like something like Ferguson everybody is going to buys a gun and I don’t see how you ever going to change. Whether do you like it or not? It is not going to change.

LHV correspondent: Thanks you very much.

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