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Publish Date: 06 November 2015 - 16:25
LHV special interview
LHVnews: LHV special interview with Musa Dan Fodio, the American lawyer and human rights activist on the edge of 3rd New Horizon Conference in Tehran

LHV correspondent: How do you evaluate the level of Human Rights in the United States?

Musa Dan Fodio: The level of human rights in united stated is growing and evolving. The snap where should be and it never will be unless you grant the human rights to a largest group of people who are considered a minority in the United States and that’s the African-American. Total 45 million African-Americans who are nation within a nation. So until you respect those rights of the largest group of minorities in America. I hate the even phrase it has of minorities because it they are indigenous to that land. The African-Americans appearance in the western hemisphere did not begin with the transatlantic slave trade. The first migration out of Africa and we know the Africa is a creole civilization. Was the migration that came to those pacific islands and to Australia and then to South America and the migration came north with. So that’s the first appearance of people in the western hemisphere which were African people. 1500 later the transatlantic slave trade as should need in safe 1500 that is more like 6000 years later yet they stands the transatlantic slave trade. So Africans have been in the Americans hemisphere for thousands of years. So who you call the Native Americans are really not actually the first people there. They are not original indigenous people.

LHV correspondent: As you said the Afro-American are mostly the victims of such violation in the United States? So why blacks? What’s the reason?

Musa Dan Fodio: First of all if you start the history of Americas with the presence of European settlers you starting date is incorrect. But when we talk about the presence of European settlers in the violence that was inflicted by those settlers you begin the story of America, but that is not the real history of America. That’s the start of the European appearance in the Americas. But in the terms of the human rights of the African-American in the United States will never be able to completely tell that story until if it is ended. What we are speaking it now is the phase that we are in right now in terms of human rights development. But a quest for self-determination has always been apparent with the presence in the western hemisphere. We’ve had several movements; we have the inter-slavery movement, the enter-lynching movement, the warn poverty movement, we have the civil rights movement, but now we are moving to the era of human rights and this era is categorized and illustrated by move for self-determination.

LHV correspondent: Why US support such human rights violations in Palestine and against Palestinians or what is happening in the latest one of these violations in Yemen? US government calls Yemen’s protestors as rebels but as we see they are not rebels they are oppositions?

Musa Dan Fodio: well Violence has been successful for the Americas. It made them grow into a world power. The violence that they initially perpetuated against indigenous population of the Americas allow them to take a powerful position in world geopolitical history, so they going to duplicate that everywhere they can, because been might be the successful for them.

LHV correspondent: Why US support war crimes in Palestine, Yemen or Syria. Do think it is related to influence of foreign policy of Zionist lobbies in US?

Musa Dan Fodio: Well the US policy has been consistent in a system of using and supporting violence against groups that they want to extract some type of material advantage. So America has been consistent in there we go on.

LHV correspondent: What is your prediction about the next president of the United States?

Musa Dan Fodio: I don’t know. I don’t really pay a lot of attention; it doesn’t really matter because the position itself is what dictates the actions that are taken. It doesn’t matter who occupies that position of the duties and responsibilities to up hole and sustain the American empire is going to be their primer responsibilities.

LHV correspondent: Thank you very much.

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