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Publish Date: 14 November 2015 - 13:07
LHVnews: At least seven people have been killed in a helicopter crash in eastern Slovakia, with local authorities suspecting that the aircraft was smuggling refugees from neighboring Ukraine.

Slovakia’s Interior Ministry spokesman Ivan Netik cited police authorities as saying on Friday that the helicopter was believed to have been carrying illegal refugees over the European Union (EU)’s border, DPA reported.

He further said that the number of those killed during the crash is expected to rise.

Authorities initially discovered six bodies in the wreckage on Friday, and located the seventh corpse several hours later.

Slovakia’s Interior Minister Robert Kalinak had previously said that the doomed helicopter, identified as an MI-2, had originally been spotted on Wednesday while making an illegal flight over its border with Ukraine.

"As you can see, smugglers or human traffickers do not shy away from anything,” Kalinak said, explaining that the aircraft flew under the cover of the night and in foggy conditions while keeping low and making risky maneuvers in a bid to evade Slovakian border protection forces.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian border police also said they believe two of those on board the helicopter were Ukrainians, along with at least four people from South-East Asia, including two women.

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