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Publish Date: 12 March 2014 - 18:42
A demonstration was held in front of the Zionist embassy in Amman in response to the killing of the Jordanian- Palestinian judge Alaa-Eddine Zeaiter who was shot by Israeli troops at the Allenby crossing between the West Bank and Jordan.

LHVnews-The large number of security forces deployed in the area prevented the demonstrators from reaching the embassy.

The demonstrators demanded the fall of the government and criticized the political Arab regimes. Activists on social media networks also demanded the annulment of Wadi Araba Treaty with the Zionist entity.

Engineer Khaled Ramadan told Al-Manar reporter that the killing of Zeaiter is not a simple crime, but an insult to the whole Jordanian people and a message of threat against them.

The Jordanian government should close the Zionist embassy in Amman, a demonstrator told Al-Manar reporter. "The popular movement will increase", he added.

One of Zeaiter’s relatives said he was not the first martyr of her family, adding that they will continue their struggle for Palestine independence.

The Jordanian foreign ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to denounce the killing of Zeaiter and to request a comprehensive report. Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh told the Israeli ambassador that the kingdom expects the Israeli report to include precise details of the incident.

Political circles urged the government to react to this crime by releasing the soldier Ahmad Al-Dakamsa who killed Israeli women in 1997.

Za'eiter, 38, was a Palestinian-born Jordanian citizen who was on his way to meet with family members in the West Bank city of Shechem, when he was shot to death by a Zionist soldier.

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